SEO should be the primary focus of your search activity but it takes time to reach its maximum effect. That's where pay per click campaigns come in. PPC is immediate and flexible and can be turned up and down and on and off. This means it's great from both a strategic and tactical standpoint e.g. to support, strengthen and extend an offline campaign.

Research shows consumers increasingly use the Internet to get more information on brands, products and services they've seen advertised. Ensuring they find you with PPC means you can extend your campaign, enrich your brand message and potentially capture customer details for ongoing marketing communication. Importantly, using PPC as a part of your overall media schedule will improve cost effectiveness and increase conversions.

It's a highly cost effective and totally measurable way of driving targeted consumers to your website, right down to keyword search level. This means we can pin-point what's working and learn from what's not.

Of course, it's called pay per click because you only pay when consumers click. So, as long as you have the right keywords and are paying the right price for them, you'll be achieving great improvements on your ROI.

'Power Bid' ensures you pay the right price and our 'Power Stats' measure the activity to ensure campaigns reach their optimum effectiveness.