Getting to the top of Google is becoming more and more competitive so you really need to ensure you win the race.

Natural search is the most cost effective way of reaching your target audience, so your website needs to be search engine friendly. Then you’ll win the race to the top, and all those potential customers will find you first.

It is of course not an easy race to win, as the other runners will all be trying hard to beat you.

It takes time to make your site attractive to those search engine spiders crawling round the web, but well worth the wait because your website visibility, visits, click-through rates, conversions and ROI will all be that much higher. And that’s worth winning!

Tornado Money Back Guarantee

At Tornado we agree a set of objectives - number of visitors, Google ranking etc. and, if we don’t achieve those objectives we don’t charge you. That means you’re in a win, win situation, all the way to the top. It also means we’re incentivised to get you there.

Measurement and tracking

We'll track, measure and report the results with our 'powerful' tools that measure everything in real time.

And, we'll keep an eye on your competitors, letting you know what keywords they're using and where they're ranking, so your strategy puts you on top, not them.

Why Tornado?

  • We’ve been doing SEM for many years, consistently achieving good results
  • We’ll reach your target audience in the most cost-effective way
  • Get you ranked for relevant keywords on all major search engines
  • Increase your awareness, conversion and sales
  • We’re prepared to “put our money where our mouth is” with our money back guarantee. See our terms and conditions