We can't tell you the amount of times we've been brought in to start the SEO process once the site has been designed, built and even gone live.

Tornado Digital can help you reduce costs by being involved at the start of the website development process, or even better help you design and build an SEO-friendly site.

Our prices are very competitive and we have a team that can turnaround a new website very quickly.

And, whilst the site is being built we'll be doing all the preparatory work to ensure you move up the rankings in the shortest possible time once live.

We can design and build anything from a small brand microsite to a site with a large ecommerce shop.

We also have some powerful tools we use to help clients obtain the best site in their sector. OptiScore evaluates your site against key criteria to ensure you not only have a good site but you have a site that's ahead of your competitors. Or OptiSite, which uses eye-tracking technigues to measure and optimise site design.

And once live we have PowerStats to measure visits to the site, where visitors came from, what they did when they got there etc. all in real time. From this data we can optimise your site and online campaign performance over time.

Depending upon your company and the sector you're in you may find you can improve your sales and ROI by creating a site within a site within Amazon or eBay for example. Talk to us about how we can manage and develop this new sales channel for you.